Westport Marina, Lake Champlain, New York
Where Lake Champlain Meets the Adirondack Mountains

Westport Marina - Photo Album - Spring 2008

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Westport lake high 24 April 08
Mast going down for trip south April 08 Westport
Westport Marina April 2008

24 April '08 Lake level about 100.75; Peak for year
First mast of season; Headed south for lock opening on May 1.

Gas docks 14 April, Lake level about 100.4
see live webcam for current views.

Northwest Bay ice going out Lake Champlain 3 Apri 2008
Lake level rises to 98.3 ft; 1 ft above normal; Ice melting rapidly; 3 April 2008
Westport Marina Lake Champlain April 08 docks Cormorants & Gulls on Westport Docks

May 13, 2008. Front floating docks still waiting to be placed.
Rear floating dock is operational. Cormorants & gulls waiting for breakwater to go out

Westport on Lake Champlain docks May 2008
May 24, 2008, Memorial Day weekend begins. Docks above water; Floating docks in place.
Westport Dock scrubbing May 2008
Scamp on Too Many Toys Westport NY
24 May: Scamp is eager for launch time
24 May; Scrubing the decks

Watch Lake Champlain's Champ Grow!

Watch Champ Grow Champy on Lake Champlain
Champy, Lake Champlain, Westport
Lake Chamlain Champy Champ montster grows day 5
Champ Champy Lake Champlain Westport  day 6
Champy, Lake Champlain, Westport day 7 growing
Champy in a jar of water will grow 600%; 325% up by day 7.
Or drop by the store to get your own! We know the ruler is upside down. Champ is dyslexic.
Champ Lake Champlain Westport  day 8
Champ Lake Champlain day 13 adult
tiller cat and Lake Champlain Champy
Tiller Cat drinks Champ lake water

Two weeks, fully grown, getting a
"water belly"?

Tiller Cat inspects Champy's water home and samples the lake water.
5 June 2008

 Westport Marina on Lake Champlain
20 Washington Street
PO Box 410, Westport NY 12993-0410
(518) 962-4356

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