Westport Marina on Lake ChamplainWestport Marina on Lake Champlain
Where Lake Champlai
meets the Adirondack Mountains


Cardboard Boat Races
at Westport Marina
on Lake Champlain

Cardboard Boat Race

Labor Day Lobsterfest Weekend,
Saturday, Sept. 3, 2016 at 4 PM

Join in the fun and excitement
Construct a human powered boat made of cardboard
boxes and cardboard tubes.
that floats long enough to race course at least one lap.
Or join the cheering spectators
from The Galley deck or beach.

Build boats on site
2 to 4 race day

Some material will be available
such as cardboard and clear tape;.
Box cutters to be used
under adult supervision.
Or bring a pre-made boat.

Cardboard boat construction in year Westport

Carboard boat races Westport Marina
Cardboat boat pic

Races and Awards based by age group.
Also Titanic Award  – First boat to sink!

See Past Years

Race Rules and Construction Tips

Westport Marina
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