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Westport Marina and The Galley Restaurant
Lake Champlain Flood 2011 Photos

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Due to heavy snow run off and record spring rains, Lake Champlain water levels rose to all time record high.
Peak was May 6, 2011, at 103.27 feet above sea level. Flood stage is 100'.

Previous record high was in 1993 (April 27)  at 101. 83'. Lake was back below 100' by May 15.
June 3, 2011 flooding persists at 102.4 feet.
As of June 12, we are accepting transient boats with limited services.
Hope to begin launching this week. 12 June lake below 101' for first time in 12 weeks.
The last time lake was close to this high in mid June was 1947.
See Burlington NOAA Weather Bureau pages for current lake condition information.
also see our own "Lake and Web Cams" page.

Click on photos to enlarge.
Scouts fill sandbags at Westport Marina April 28
Wet bar at The Galley in Westport April 28 2011 Dee in door of Westport Marina flooded 28 apr 2011
April 28, lake 102.1'  Sandbags filled and placed.
Scout troop 63 and Adirondack District leaders help.

Water enters the galley. A true "wet bar

Water in the store.
Dee rescues records

Flooding Westpor Marina 29 apr 2011
Larry Kayaking in The Galley at Westport
LRRY Kayaking inside Westport Marina April 2011
April 29, Lake at 102.6'  More sandbags. Larry kayaks in galley and store hallway.

Flooded road an lot, Westport NY Waves cross floor in The Galley, Westport Galley Restaurant flooding April 2011 Westport Marina dinghy beach flooding
April 30, Lake at 102.8' wind shifts to north and water rises; Barriers at Galley windows blow out and waves roll in. Sand bags go under.

Galley under water Westport NY 8 Mat 2011

Flood 6 May 2011, Westport Marina and Galley Restaurant

Westport Marina front dock 6 May 2011 peak flood

May 6, 2011, Larry used work boat and took photos from lake, all time high of 103.27 feet

Westport Marina at peak flood, 6 May 2011

May 6, 2011, all time peak Lake Champlain level of 103.27. Washington Street is closed.

Westport Marina Flooding 12 May 2011
Westport Marina front dock Lake Champlain 2011 flood May 14
Westport Marina docks under water 2006 25 year celebration 2006 July floods, Westport Marina wading waitresses
May 14, south wind, water has receded so Washington St. passable.
Front dock sand bags exposed again.
May 17, heavy weekend rains reversed the decline, but still 8" below peak.

We celebrated 25 years despite high water Jul 8, 2006.
We will celebrate 30 years this July, hell or high water!

Westport Marina Travel lift 25 May 2011 flooding Larry office open but wet
Front dock West;ort from web cam 29 May
Water is receding. May 25.
Launching can begin when lift rails appear

Larry opens his lakeside office, May 26.
Literally "on" the lake.
29 May, continued rain brings lake up again to 102.69'

Docks and lift pit 12 June; Lake at 100.8'
High schoolers help clean the store High school volunteers clean the cupboards
Yard closer to normal; 12 June; Lake 100.8'
High school volunteers pitch in to scrub the store  11 June.

Camp Dudley staff cleans ceiling after flooding at Marina
Camp Dudley staff cleans ceiling after flooding at Marina Camp Dudley helps clean Galley after flood
Camp Dudley staff cleans under Galley tables after flood
What do you do when 50 Camp Dudley staff arrive to help with clean-up, besides tears and thanks?  12 June
The tallest scrub mold from the ceiling, without stepladders;   Others clean chairs;    Others go under the tables!

Galley at Westport dock is below flood level 16 June 2011 rear floating docks functional 18 June
Galley deck is finally dry. 16 June. Ready for LCI weigh in 18 June, Lake 100.05. We have docks and decking functional.

Floating tire breakwater is now at surface, ready to go out Floating Tire Breakwater is towed in place 26 June 2011 Westport
22 June; Larry dives and brings breakwater to surface; Lake 99.5'
26 June: Breakwater is towed into place. Lake 99.15

Check back for updates; Use refresh or reload.
June 5, lake level is below 102' for first time since April 28!
As of June 6, we not accepting transient dock reservations, or dockside service such as mast step. Check back end of week.
May 7, lake has come down to 101.6'.  Almost low enough to strart launching.
June 11, lake below 101' for first time in 6 weeks. Clean up making progress.
June 17, lake is down to 100.2'. We are open for LCI Derby weigh in.
June 23 Breakwater on suface; Front floating docks soon in place. Hope to sell gas & pump outs for weekend.

Westport Marina, Inc.
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Photos by Bob Carroll unless otherwise cited.
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