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Avon and Zodiac Inflatable Valve Parts
Service Information from Westport Marina

Part numbers and information to assist you with your inflatable;
Parts may be orderd on-line from several vendors,
who are listed on web for Inflatable Boat Parts.
For repairs, ask abou service at our shop,
or a local dealer from Dealer locator.
New Avon boats are no longer sold in US.
Links that may be useful:

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Zodiac Valve Parts 


Avon Inflatable Boat Valves    Avon inflatable boats

    A4 Valve used on dinghies
1960 through '80s, no longer availabe.
Must install total new valv.e

Avon A4 Valve

Avon Valves pre 2000
Avon A7 ValveAvon B7 valve cap

A-7 about1978–1991    B7 about 1992-1998
Parts not available

Repair kit "V0001" difficult to install, and usually faiils.
We no longer use or sell it..
Must cut out old valve and replace with C-7 on fabric doubler.
Not advised; Contact a repair center.


Avon C7 valve & cap

C7 Valve V00504 Used from about 2000
May be available from some parts dealers.

Note: Service of valve is to replace cap, or cap and valve,
by carefully unscrewing valve holding on to base collar.
To replace entire valve, you must cut out old valve
and glue in replacment mounted in fabric.
Use glue for Hypalon fabrics.
Not recommended except by dealer.
Note: ALL valves will leak slowly unless the cap is screwed down tight.
Sometimes just adjusting or "fluffing up" the "seal"
or O Ring may stop a slow leak.

We do not recommend buying a used boat
over 10 years old or that needs repair.
Inflatables are NOT a wise fixer-up project!

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