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Zodiac Inflatables Westport On Lake Champlalin

Avon Inflatable Boat, Valves -- Parts - Service
from Westport Marina on Lake Champlain

Avon inflatable boats
Models-Years Hull ID plates Zodiac Valves Zod Sales/Service Metal IC Valves Oarlocks Avon Valves

A4 Valve dinghies 60s thru 80's

B7 Valve - '92 thru '99
Avon A4Valve
Base no longer available
Replace with C7
Cap only
with deflator prong V00026
Avon B7 valve cap  Avon B7 Valve

B7 Cap
V00084 Grey
V01153 Black
B7 Valve&Cap grey

B7 Valve & cap
with fabric doubler
V00625 Black
V00042 Grey
V00043 Lt Grey

A7 Valve Used from about 1978 - '91

A-7 Valve and Cap black V00268
Valve & Cap Grey V00202
Valve, Cap & Doubler Blk V00164
Valve, Cap & Doubler Grey V00048
Valve, Cap & Doubler White V00962

Avon A7 valve  Avon A7 valve

A7 Valve Cap only

V00085 Black

C7 Valve Used from about 2000

Note: Service of valve is to replace cap, or cap and valve, by carefully unscrewing valve holding on to base collar. To replace entire valve, you must cut out old valve and glue in replacment mounted in fabric.
Use glue for Hypalon fabrics.
or a universal glue that is ok for both

Avon C7 valve cap Avon C7 Valve
C7 Valve, base, Cap & fabric doubler

V01278 Grey V01279 White

C7 Valve & Cap
V00504 grey
Screws into collar inside tube.

Cap only
V01849 Grey

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Avon Valve rebuild kit  Avon C7 kit

Note, the V0001 kit does not repair C7 valves

A7; B7; Valve Kit
V00001 diaphragm, spring, post and cap gasket.

Repair Kit C7 - V01937 spring
post & diaphragm, smaller

Kit Instructions

Note: ALL valves will leak slowly unless the cap is screwed down tight.
Sometimes just adjusting or "fluffing up" the "seal" or O Ring may stop a slow leak.
You could try sliding a strip of dental "tape" under the seal to raise it.

Before buying a used inflatable, please be sure you know what you are getting into.
We get several inquiries a week from buyers of used "like new" inflatables that are very costly or impossible to repair!
We also hear about commercial type boats "retired" from Government use that have missing valves.
The valves and even ID plates were often removed in order to diasble the boat from further use. Do not buy them!

Please e-mail us about parts questions or for repair suggestions.
We urge you to determine first the model and year of your boat .
The last two digits of the Avon Hull or serial number denote the year.

Westport Marina on Lake Champlain
20 Washington Street   PO Box 410, Westport NY 12993-0410
(518) 962-4356 for general questions only; Specific part look-ups must be by e-mail.
We do not sell parts by phone order. Please use links above to ShipStore.com
E-mail questions to: TheCrew@WestportMarina.com or tech@shipstore.com

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