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Westport Marina on Lake Champlain
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Inflatable Boats
Service Information from Westport Marina

We curently do not sell inflatable boats or sell parts on-line
We have a climate controlled room and trained technicians
who can provide many repairs locally.
Our parts pages offers advice to owners

Current models and Zodiac specs of Zodiac factory pages;
ot Military Professional models.

Advice on buying a new boat:
We encourage you to contact a local dealer for personalized service.
If you buy from a high discount source, we advise that you check their policy on return of boats
that may be defective "out of the box", including who pays for return shipping.
A warranty center may not be able to provide warranty repair
or replacement if boat was not inspected before delivery.

Outboard Motors:
We do not sell outboard motors by internet order.
All reputable manufacturers require their dealers to tank test and tune the engine before delivery.
Buy from a local dealer who can provide initial tune-up and follow-up warranty and other service.
If you find an e-mail order bargain, you should inquire as to whether the engine will be tested
and tuned before shipping, or what your recourse is if it does not start or run smoothly.
Current shipping regulations generally preclude shipping a motor that has not been purged officially of fuel.
You may not be able to ship the engine back by usual transporters..

Zodiac Military and Professional Models
such as Heavy Duty (HD); Futura Commando; Hurricane Ribs
are sold and serviced by designated MilPro dealers.
See the MilPro pages.

Before buying a used inflatable, please be sure you know what you are getting into.
We get several inquiries a week from buyers of used "like new" inflatables
that are very costly or impossible to repair!

Westport Marina on Lake Champlain
20 Washington Street   PO Box 410, Westport NY 12993-0410
(518) 962-4356 for general questions only; . .

E-mail questions to: TheCrew@WestportMarina.com

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