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Zodiac Inflatables Westport On Lake Champlalin

Zodiac and Zoom Inflatable Boat Oarlocks
from Westport Marina

Avon inflatable boats
Models-Years Hull ID plates Zodiac Valves Zod Sales/Service Metal IC Valves Oarlocks General Glue Repairs Avon Valves

Zodiac Bombard Zoom Oarlocks

Zodiac oarlock Z6031
Zodiac Oarlock Z6303
Zodiac Oarlock Z6422 Zodiac wood oar and oarlock pin
Zodiac oar system new
Zodiac oarlock base Z2849
Zodiac Oarlock base Z2040
Zodiac oarlock base Z1462

Both open horn, Z6031
circle with threads Z6303 black
or Z6423 grey fit same base.

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Westport Marina, Inc

Both oarlocks have a groove in pin.
Z6422 and  stainless plate Z2231 that attaches to wooden oar.
Both fit base Z2040 and lock in with
base locking pin Z6429

Wooden oar with pin is not available.
Plate Z2231 is no longer available either, but used one might be recovered from a broken oar.

Also may use aluminum oar such as
Z6300 1.6 meters or smaller Z6301 1.3 meters, with 6422 oarlocks.

Lock twist in with 1/2 turn.
Must use
upgrade kit.

Zodiac 60044 oarlock upgrade kit

New system;
oarlock snaps in with lever.
Replacement lock is Z60738.
Oars Z6425 or Z6424;

Upgrade Kit Z60044 grey has parts Z60077, 60078, Z2844 and Z60738;
Z60071 no longer available.

Hold down clip Z2815 and Z60073 pin
same all years. Not in upgrade kit.


Zodiac Zoom boats
Zoom year 1996 - 2000
Type/Serie' 19xx.

Oarlocks are as for Zodiac in table above right.
Z60738 or older system using upgrade kit Z60044


Zodiac "Zoom" Model years 2001-2008;
"Type or Serie" Z15001 - Z151xx
Oarlock Zoom Z60025
has posts to fit either port or starboard.

Zoom oarlock Z60025

Note: To insert these locks you must
press down very hard and then twist.
Otherwise they will not go all the way in
and may bend or break on use.

Zoom Models 2009 and up

zoom oarlock 2009 +

Oarlock Z67067 pair

Aluminum Oar 1.6 m x 35mm
Z6425 pair

fits old and new oarlocks


Inflatable Repair - Fabrics
Westport Marina on Lake Champlain
20 Washington Street   PO Box 410, Westport NY 12993-0410

We no longer sell parts Zodiac parts on line.
Please use numbers above to identify from other sources
We do have some in stock, please E-mail questions to: TheCrew@WestportMarina.com

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