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Lake Champlain is one of the larger fresh water lakes in the U.S. It connects in the south via the Champlain Canal to the Hudson River, Albany and New York City.The Lake flows north through the Chambly Canal to the Richeleau River in Quebec, then by St. Lawrence River to the Atlantic, connecting to Montreal and the Great Lakes.

Lake is 120 miles long; 12 miles across at the widest; 435 square miles; 587 miles of shoreline. Average surface height is 95 feet above sea level. Chart depths are from low lake level of 93 ft. Just north of Westport at Split Rock, it is about 400 ft deep (307 below sea level), one of deepest in North America. (Death Valley is 282 below.)

Lake Champlain Region Travel Information

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Information About the Adirondack Coast

The Narrows: An Interpretive Guide for Boaters [English]

LES NARROWS Guide d’interprètation à l’intention des plaisanciers [French pdf]

Click on the image to download The Narrows: An Interpretive Guide for Boaters


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